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Nestled in the heart of Bristol, St Werburghs City Farm is an integral part of the local community, strengthening connections between land, animals and people for more than 40 years.

Using a two-acre Small-holdingone-acre Community Garden2.5-acre Conservation Site (Boiling Wells) and 13 acres of Community Allotments — home to the Propagation PlaceOpens in a new window, we deliver a range of activities that support people to re-connect, learn and grow.

We are working to create a future where communities grow, green spaces flourish, and together we thrive.

Many of the neighbourhoods that surround the Farm fall within the 10% most disadvantaged areas in the UK. Child poverty is a particular problem with more than half of children living in income-deprived households in 3 areas within walking distance to the Farm. The disadvantages experienced by people in these areas include: unemployment and low household income; low attainment in education/training; poor living environments; increased exposure to alcohol dependence, drugs misuse and crime; in foster care or at risk of going into care; caring for a family member; and lack of access to safe, green space. At the same time, Bristol's population is growing 1.5 times the national average which means more people are squeezed into the same space, especially in the Inner City are where the Farm is located.

With more than 55,000 people using the Farm each year, we are a vital community resource freely accessible to all.

Our mission is to offer targeted community services that equip people with knowledge, skills and confidence, and provide green sites accessible to all.

Vision, Aims and Objectives 2022

St Werburghs City Farm
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