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Searching for Advocates

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St Werburghs City Farm are calling on you, the community, to help us in forming a Strategy Development Group. This group will be made up of approximately 10 'advocates' with specific areas of interest and will act as St Werburghs City Farm's action research group.

St Werburghs City Farm seeks to become a place which is welcoming to all communities and cultures and to connect with and empower local people in its work. Building on the Farm’s Equity Report and lessons learned during 2020, St Werburghs City Farm has decided to reassess its strategy for the future.

The new strategy will be inclusive of diverse voices in our local community and will lead the Farm towards becoming a more adaptable organisation - able to respond to the unprecedented times we find ourselves in.

How to Apply

If English is your second language and you would like help from a translator to apply please email or call 07545 557001 by Monday 8th March and we will arrange this.

Complete a paper or online application form by clicking a link below.

Extended Deadline: Sunday 21st March

Due to some technical difficulties (and a genuine desire for wide engagement) we have decided to extend the application deadline to Sunday 21st March. If you tried to apply online previously and were not able to do so, we really hope you might try again as the issues have now been resolved.

Jeśli angielski jest Twoim drugim językiem i chcesz uzyskać pomoc tłumacza przy składaniu wniosku, prosimy napisać do nas na adres e-mail lub zadzwonić pod numer 07545 557001 w dowolnym dniu do poniedziałku 8 marca, a my postaramy się zorganizować pomoc.

Haddii Ingiriisigu yahay luuqadaada labaad oo aad rabto inaad caawimaad ka hesho turjumaan si aad u dalbato fadlan iimeel u dir ama wac 07545 557001 illaa Isniinta 8-da Maarso annaguna waan diyaarin doonnaa tan.

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