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Who let the goats out!? — January 2022 Newsletter

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Apache (staring at you with his long goatee in the above photo) is a billy goat from Windmill Hill City Farm visiting Crumble, one of the Farm’s nanny goats (she's eating a banana).

Crumble’s usual companions at the Farm are Barley, who just got back last week from a romantic holiday with Apache at Lawrence Weston Community Farm, and Saffron, who’s currently in Bedminster with the animal crew — humans included — from Windmill Hill City Farm.

During the last couple of months Barley has been in a pen with Kanuta (alias Bazooka), a billy goat from Greenmeadow Community Farm, who just went back to his home in Wales last Friday.

🐐❤️🐐💜🐐 Now Barley’s in a pen with Crumble and Apache.

Do you know the Farm’s animals? Can you tell who’s the resident nanny and who’s the visiting billy? Ask the Farm about the animals when you visit. Each animal have their own personality and stories and quirks. Come and visit and get to know and love them. They’d love that.

If all goes to plan — nature sometimes has his/her/their own plan — both Barley and Crumble will become pregnant (we suspect Crumble already is), and then Apache will be able to go back home to Windmill Hill City Farm, Saffron can come back home here at St Werburghs City Farm AND then here’ll be BABY GOATS IN THE SPRING!


Kid goats surfing, 2017

Following last year’s Livestock Review, we’re trying to make decisions that reduce the Farm’s impact on our shared home.

For example, we’re sourcing better quality feed without links to tropical jungle deforestation or GMOs and we’re changing the intensity of our breeding programmes.

St Werburghs City Farm is open to the public from Saturdays to Thursdays from 9AM to 4PM during winter and until 5PM during the rest of the year.

We’re also trying to work more closely with the other three city farms in Bristol, to share animals, skills and resources. As a result there are less animals onsite right now but baby animals will be coming soon.

Even though animals are being transported — Rikkie the Ram is at Windmill Hill City Farm for example — having only one male that can visit several Farms in the area also means less animals to feed, less land needed to grow their food, etc.

Rikkie will be back at the City Farm in the following weeks to join Friend and Elton, our two resident sheep who’ve remained on site.

Rikkie is a pedigree Hampshire Down Shearling Ram — a “daddy” sheep

Penny was the Farm’s sow for 7 years and gave birth to 33 piglets. Just before Christmas both Penny and her companion Pixie were relocated to a small holding in Somerset for Penny to live out her retirement. On an industrial farm, Penny would most likely have been slaughtered as she is now too old to give birth. So we’re thrilled she’s in a great home with lovely humans and lots of space.

We’re currently allowing the pig paddocks to rest for a few months and will then buy some piglets for the summer to rear for sausages.

Penny and Pixxie’s new home!

We hope these stories help everyone become more conscious about what we eat and inspires communities to work together for a more sustainable and just food system for all.

By being more transparent about what happens with the animals at the Farm, we also want to inspire, educate and empower communities to become more informed about how we feed ourselves and about how we can improve and localise our food systems, especially within the context of the Climate and Ecological Crisis.

Another reality for some of the Farm’s animals is lockdown (because of Bird flu)… but they seem to be handling it alright. The Farm’s feathered friend residents are safely covered with access to fresh air and day light. But for birds in the vast majority of commercial Farms, things aren’t as nice right now.

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