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Proposal for community plot


Ashley Vale Allotment Association (AVAA) works with St Werburghs City Farm to manage and improve our allotment site. There is currently a 5/6 year waiting list for new individual plots. AVAA have been holding back a plot while renovating the committee garages, we are now considering leasing this as 'community plot' to increase access to the site and to support a local community group.

Field six is a mainly level area directly behind the city farm. Historically it has been treated slightly differently to the other fields making up our site. Plots here have been used as 'retirement plots' for existing plot holders from steeper inclines, and more recently a long-term lease was created for the city farm 'propagation place' project.

AVAA propose that the plot is let in accordance with the current allotment rules (with the same allotment checks) to a local community group, organisation or business. We will prefer a group that is engaging people who may struggle to otherwise have access to the allotments.  For example this may include people who are elderly, have mobility issues, have mental health conditions or groups that is culturally less likely to access the AVAA allotment site.

It is important that any group using the site follows the existing set of allotment rules, is considerate to plots holders and compliments the 'Propagation Place project'. It is hoped that increased presence in that area of the site could avoid some antisocial behavioural issues and enhance the site for the benefit of all allotment users.

Groups will be invited to present a realistic plan of action for the plot, including how often they intend to be on site, and if they have a designated volunteer co-ordinator and finances in place for tools and kit they may require. 

AVAA in conjunction with the Farm Staff will review the applicants and rent the plot out. Leases will be for one year, and the agreement would be annually reviewed. 


Timetable/decision making:

  1. AVAA and Farm review and edit above proposal.
  2. Proposal is shared via facebook/newsletter before the AGM.
  3. Feedback from plot holder is discussed at the AGM, idea is formally proposed and voted on.
  4. Groups are contacted and invited to apply for the plot rent.
  5. AVAA and the Farm review the groups suitability and agree a final selection.
  6. Plot is rented and reviewed under general allotment rules.
  7. Project is reviewed annually to ensure it is meeting expectations.