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chicks in incubator

Incubator hire

The Farm hires out incubators to schools in Bristol from February to July each year. The incubators are kept in the classroom and the children can watch the development of the eggs into baby chicks.

The cost of the Incubator is £200 for the full package – this includes a talk by an experienced member of staff when the incubator is delivered and a second visit for candling when the eggs are checked to see which ones are growing. Before the chicks hatch, we set up a Brooder Unit so you are able to keep the chicks for several days until we collect them.

Booking an Incubator

If you're interested in booking an Incubator please contact the Farm by calling 0117 9428241 or email

*Please note that incubator hire is very popular. We allocate our incubators in September. Please contact us early to be considered for incubator hire.

St Werburghs City Farm
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