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goats in the farm paddock

Animal Smallholding

Our smallholding is home to a range of livestock including sheep, goats and pigs which are bred for meat, ducks and chickens for their eggs. The Farm's small-holding is situated opposite the award-winning City Farm Cafe, adventure playground and community building.

We're now open to the general public on 7 DAYS A WEEK from 9AM - 5PM (we're closed on Fridays). The City Farm is free to visit and welcomes more than 40,000 visitors each year.

Your donations enable us to offer targeted activities for those at most need within our communities and to maintain green spaces for farm animals and wildlife accessible to all.

The following info about specific animals and breeds is unfortunately outdated. Please bare with us while we get our skates on!

Meet the animals

Staying Safe on the Farm

Visiting a farm can be enjoyable for everyone. But such visits can never be free from all risks. All animals can potentially carry infections that can be harmful to people, particularly children under 5 and pregnant women.

The bacterial infection known as E.coli is a particular risk, and you will see our sings and posters around the farm reminding you to wash your hands in one of our three hand washing stations as you leave the farm.

Please always wash your hands thoroughly with the soap and warm water provided. Do not use your own gels or wipes as these products do not remove E.coli.

St Werburghs City Farm
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