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School Visits & Learning Activities

We aim to connect people to the story of their food from farm to plate; to nature, especially their local environment and to each other, creating a more cohesive community. With four sites and a diverse neighbourhood, the Farm is an ideal venue for educational activities and exploration in an outdoor environment.

We offer fun packed educational visits for groups of up to 35 children at a time. Visits can include a tour of the farm, a mini-beast adventure, natural crafts, bush crafts and other outdoor learning activities. Further below you'll find a non-exhaustive list of activities offered to school groups.

Session Price Times
Farm tour £2 per child or
min. of £40
1hr anytime
Half day £4 per child or min.
of £90
9:45 - 12:30, 12:30 - 14.45
Full day £8 per child or
min. of £180
9:45 - 14:45

These prices related to groups of more than 15 children. If your group is smaller, please get in touch to discuss prices.

All sessions can be differentiated to suit your year group and individual needs. Our education team are highly qualified. Our training backgrounds include Primary / Secondary PGCE, CEVAS and Forest School level 3. Our team all have many years experience working with children in outdoor settings. Please contact us to arrange all the details of your visit and ensure it is tailored to meet your needs.

Please check out our full list of curriculum linked learning activities to help you choose and book your sessions.

  • A Farm Tour

    Join the farmer for a tour of the farmyard. With a chance to feed the goats and sheep or search for chicken eggs, this hands on learning experience will teach you how we care for our animals, why they are farmed and how our food is produced.

    Stroking the sheep was best 'cause I've never done that before

    Wheelchair accessible - Duration: 30 mins

    Fishing for Frogs

    Splish splash, what’s that in the pond? Using nets, buckets and identification kits, you’ll discover the hidden depths of the pond. A memorable learning experience led by experienced staff.

    Wheelchair accessible - Duration: 30 mins

  • Mini beast adventure

    Why do butterflies taste with their feet? How do grasshoppers hear with their knees? Discover the weird and wonderful world of mini beasts.
    Explore their different habitats and find out how they are adapted to them.

    Not Wheelchair accessible - Duration: 30 mins / 1 hour

  • Discovery Trail

    An active orienteering trail through Boiling Wells or over Narroways Hill. using their understanding of place recognition, children will follow maps and photos to search for a collection of stamps.

    Lovely activities, well considered, perfect to keep the childrens' interest, in such a beautiful setting.

    Not Wheelchair accessible - Duration: 30 mins / 1 hour

  • Mixing with Mud

    Squelch squerch. Sculpt tree fairies and boggarts out clay and found natural objects. Create a mud master piece using traditional printing techniques - splat it & spray it.

    I made a snake - it was funny because we got all messy.

    Not Wheelchair accessible - Duration: 30 mins / 1 hour

  • Bonkers about birds

    Using a mixture of logs, fir cones, bird feed and vegetable suet we will create attractive bird feeders which can be hung in your school gardens

    Wheelchair accessible - Duration: 30 mins

  • The Story of Fire

    Watch and listen as an experienced leader slowly builds and sets a fire alight whilst retelling the story of 'How the rabbit fave fire to the people'. A warming experience.

    I loved seeing the children so mesemerised by the fire - fantastic.

    Wheelchair accessible - Duration: 30 mins

  • Sticks and Stones

    Imaginative play and learning using natural found items to make music, pictures, obstacle courses, mini shelters, tracking trails and much more...

    I loved seeing the children so mesemerised by the fire - fantastic.

    Wheelchair accessible - Duration:1 hour

  • Carbon Neutral Trail

    Follow the carbon footprint trail around Boiling Wells.
    Find out about our solar panels, rain water harvesting, composting, interesting use of glass bottles, straw bale building and compost toilets.

    Wheelchair accessible - Duration: 30 mins / 1 hour


Session Price Times
A farm tour £2 per child or a min. of £40 1 hour, any time
A half day (30 minutes for lunch) £4 per child or a minimum of £90 9:45 - 12:30 or 12:30 - 14:45
A whole day £8 per child or a minimum of £180 9:45 - 14:45