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Team Challenges: Group and Corporate Volunteering

We'd be thrilled to organise a meaningful Volunteering Day (or a few) for your business or organisation, allowing you to purposely get involved in the community, make an impact, create positive change and meet your corporate social responsibility goals.

At the City Farm we always need help with a wide range of tasks and projects. The Team Challenge you undertake will depend on the time of year you're attending, the size and ability of the group, your budget and any seasonal priorities.

Further below you'll find examples of completed tasks and projects by groups like yours.

As well as helping a great local charity, business or organisation volunteering is a great way to connect people who wouldn’t normally work together, it enhances communication, develops team skills and creates opportunities for cross-collaboration that otherwise wouldn't exist.


As a charity, we charge £35 per person to help cover the cost of running your Team Challenge or Group Volunteering Day (or a minimum of £250 per day).

This covers:

  • staff to support your group
  • materials and equipment required for your task
  • supply of protective gear and plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits throughout the day

We're able to work with most budgets therefore if you have a little more, you can choose a larger project or we can tailor the task to suit a smaller budget. If you're tasked with fundraising the money, we can help with ideas, sponsorship forms and publicity.

You can also tailor your day by adding a buffet lunch (at additional cost) from the award winning Farm Café (check out the example menus below), a guided Farm tour, use of Boiling Wells for an after session BBQ, or hire a breakout room for more formal meeting or training session.

Cafe Sample Summer Menu ( a la carte)

Cafe Sample Buffet menu

The Farm

Our 2 acre working farm is a free community resource for all and to keep it this way, it requires a lot of attention, especially as the busy summer months approach. We need to ensure that the Farm is accessible and safe for children and toddlers as well as those with physical disabilities, our regular attending adult service users who can sometimes be unsteady on their feet and of course the elderly.

Tasks include:

  • Summoning up those secondary school carpentry skills to build a few sandwich boards and interpretation signs
  • Having a go at some traditional dry stone walling whilst repairing some of the paddock walls (we don't want escapee pigs after all!)
  • Odd jobs, such as painting the fences, re‐turfing paddocks, reseeding areas for grazing, reskimming paths, oiling the decking, cutting fire wood and much more

Community Garden

The garden is a 1 acre spot of paradise within the city landscape. It offers growing space for fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants as well as community space for all those passing. It is an important part of community integration and offers green spaces to many children who grow up in an urban environment without access to a garden. More so, we use the garden as a teaching space to work with adults with leaning difficulties to. As they learn, they also develop confidence, friendships and play a meaningful role within their community whilst enhancing their local environment.

Tasks include:

  • Relining the pond to create a wonderful wetland for frogs, newts and all the amazing mini‐beasts that in turn help to pollinate our plants
  • Planting, landscaping and putting the finishing touches onto the new pond and dipping platform ready for school groups to start rolling in

Boiling Wells

Boiling Wells is a beautiful 2.5 acre site nestled in a tranquil woodland valley near St Werburghs City Farm. With a steeped orchard, rambling soft fruit, grass terraces, wild green spaces, native trees and a nearby stream, it is a unique oasis in the heart of the city. Facilities on site include a larch barn, wooden round house, amphitheatre, outdoor kitchen, cob pizza oven and fire circles, making it the perfect outdoor venue for offering education and practical training opportunities for children and young people. It also means there is always a lot of maintenance and gardening to keep on top of.

Tasks include:

  • Erecting wooden fencing around the perimeter of the site which involves a muscle to dig the holes and a keen eye to nail the rails on straight!
  • Site maintenance such as path clearance, weaving willow frames, bracken bashing, bramble removal, clearing nettles etc
  • Improving access to the stage by strengthen the steps, erecting a handrail and laying non‐slip surface strips to the stage
  • Annual maintenance tasks such as painting the toilet, sanding back the wood in kitchen, re‐ varnishing kitchen area

Interested? Why not get in touch?

If you think that you could benefit from a Team Challenge at St Werburghs City Farm submit a contact form, email us at or call us at 0117 9428241.

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