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St Werburghs City Farm

Plotholder Information

Information for Plotholders

Your allotment tenancy requires you to observe the site rules and ensure your plot is maintained and cultivated. Whether you are a new or existing plot holder, the following information sheets will prove vital in managing your allotment successfully:

Plot Holder Information Sheet
Sloping Allotments
Waste Disposal Information Sheet
Dos and Don'ts 

How to raise an issue:

1. Field Reps – for all most all issues including your plot, other peoples plots, the behaviour of other plot holders, events, deliveries, security, health and safety, water usage etc., you are asked to first speak to your Field Rep. They are:

Field 1 – Helen Sage (plot 33) – 0117 9350159
Field 2 – Jon Gulson (plot 47) – 0758 4667567
Field 3 – Claire Erde (Field 6, Plot 18) – 07875 580883
Field 4 – George Hancock (Field 1 41A & B) – 0774 3049314
Field 5 – Jonnie Brockwell (plot 25) – 07977 172772
Field 6 & Tip Field – Fiona Beard (tip field plot 8A & B) – 0117 9542325

2. If they are unable to solve the issue, they will speak to the Allotment Committee and/or the Farm as appropriate and feedback the outcome or time frame in which an outcome may be reached.

3. If you have a concern with your Field Rep, you are asked to raise the issue in writing to Fiona McDonald, Office Manager, St Werburghs City Farm, Watercress Road, Bristol, BS2 9YJ.

4. If you have a complaint about the Farm, please follow our complaints procedure as listed here or available in hardcopy from the Farm Office. We will communicate the number of complaints filed, actions taken and outcome Allotment Committee meetings.

Plot rent

Plot rent varies between £20 for a very small plot (below 75.25 sq ms) and £120 for an extra large plot (above 351.17 sq ms). The rent is linked to Bristol City Council rents and therefore is likely to increase nominally each year.

Discounts and concessions are available however applicants need to apply to Bristol City Council before September 1st, every year.
The Allotment Committee and the Farm are not able to offer discounts directly.

To confirm if you are eligible for a discount you can contact Bristol City Council Allotment Team on 0117 9223737 or speak to someone in the Allotments Team directly at Brunel House, St George’s Road, Bristol, BS1 5UY.
St Werburghs City Farm
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