Propagation Place

Propagation Place started in 2016 and has engaged  local  volunteers in the design and develop our community growing project sited in Ashley Vale Allotments, next door to the Farm. The polytunnel and garden is hosting on-going activities, benefiting more than 300 people per year. Volunteers work with horticulturalists and other supporting staff to participate in a sustainable business, growing vegetable plug plants to sell to local allotment holders and vegetable gardeners direct from the polytunnel, and online to national customers.

Buy vegatable plants online

The project seeks to:

  • Scale up local food production and accessibility by launching a propagation polytunnel, coordinating shared equipment & resources and developing opportunities to sell and buy garden produce
  • Increase community cohesion through events that bring people together and get us talking, especially events that celebrate the diversity of our community
  • Educate, inspire and connect allotment plot holders, seeking to increase retention of gardeners, improve knowledge about growing on a sloped site and encourage greater productivity.
  • Generate income through a sustainable business model, in order to extend the project and to feed back into St Werburghs City Farm.

Who's the project for?

  • People from local communities and neighbourhoods looking to get more involved in their community
  • Older people and those with physical disabilities or mobility issues to get involved using our accessible gardening facilities
  • Underrepresented community groups including single parents, young people, children and families and those with learning difficulties and those suffering from mental distress.

Veg plug plants for sale

Volunteers help to grow vegetable plug plants and we  sell the plants they grow to local gardeners and allotment holders and through our website here.

Propagation polytunnel growing vegetable plug plants for sale

You can order Spring and Summer season plug plants from the Propagation Place website now and collect your plants from the Farm when they are ready to be planted out or have them shipped directly to your door.

If you would like to visit us, you may also wish to pop in from April onwards to buy directly from the polytunnel where you may pay in cash or card.

You can find us here.


Find out more about this project

We run three sessions a week in the growing season, and once a week in Winter. To get involved, contact the Propagation Place team, by messaging us on Facebook or sending an email with 'Propagation Place Volunteer' in the subject line to:

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