Propagation Place

Our Seasonal Gift Cards are now available for purchase from!

How it works

1.You purchase one of our locally designed gift cards choosing one of the two designs shown further down.
There is an option to buy a £10, £20, £30 or £40 voucher.

2. We send the gift card containing a unique purchase code to the address you give us.

3. The lucky gift card holder follows the link on the card to our website and chooses their plants. They can buy whatever they want up to the amount in the voucher you have bought for them. (They can also use the voucher as part of a higher value purchase).

4. They start planning where to put their plants. We send them their order at the right time of year for them to plant out. You sit back and enjoy the warm glow of generosity (and hopefully get to share a few veggies too!)

Wishing all our customers, their families and friends our warmest seasonal greetings. We will look forward to another wonderful season of growing veggies together in 2021!

History of the project

It all started in 2015, when St Werburghs City Farm decided that it wanted to do a bit more to support our local food system. As a tiny smallholding close to Bristol city centre, the Farm doesn’t have much space but we wanted to make a big impact. We worked out that if we could supply strong, healthy plug plants to our neighbouring 13 acres of allotments, we would be supporting our local food system, plus starting a vibrant community business that could provide loads of great volunteering and educational opportunities. Thus – Propagation Place was born!

Over the next 18 months, we engaged more than 240 volunteers (80% of whom were experiencing disadvantage) to transform three overgrown plots on our neighbouring allotment site into a community growing space with raised beds and wheelchair-accessible paths. Central to the project is the propagation polytunnel, where our expert horticulturists and teams of volunteers lovingly raise our seedlings, giving them the best possible start in life so we can send them to customers all over the country!

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The project seeks to:

  • Increase social links and strengthen connections between local people through the creation and management of a community garden
  • Support local food production across Ashley Vale
  • Run a sustainable community business to carry the project forward through the sale of plug plants
  • Help volunteers to gain confidence and skills

Through doing so, the project will:

  • deliver benefits to people’s health and well-being
  • give a wide range of people the experience and skills to grow their own food
  • work collaboratively with volunteers and be designed and led by local people
  • enhance the local environment to the benefit of both people and wildlife
  • act as a nursery to distribute vegetable plug plants to local allotment holders and the wider community

Veg plug plants for sale

Volunteers help to grow vegetable plug plants and we  sell the plants they grow to local gardeners and allotment holders and through our website here.

Propagation polytunnel growing vegetable plug plants for sale